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maleficent: (maleficent ₪ default)

mistress of all evil

you took my body and played to win

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Created on 2009-05-04 12:37:11 (#272346), last updated 2017-07-23 (13 weeks ago)

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Name:₪ the mistress of all evil ₪
Birthdate:Sep 11


11 september 1986
roughly libertarian
dinosaur victrola

english; fluent
french; passable
japanese; childlike

all kinds of music. animals. family. babies. waking up to the sound of birds. hot showers. pretending my 2011 altima is a racecar. singing, cooking, cleaning house. getting dirty by walking around outside with bare feet. aves.

politicians, the development of forests and farmland, homophobia, superiority complexes, votes on civil rights, 56k internet, old water heaters


y: the last man, tolkien, harry potter, gurren lagann, watchmen, supernatural, terry pratchett, bones, smbc, hark! a vagrant, wow, ouat


16 may 2009:
B.A. Asian Studies
14 october 2009:
gainfully employed
01 february 2010:
06 february 2012:
01 july 2012:
j'ai trouvé mon coeur

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